Sedonya Conscious Living Center

Full Moon Frequency Healing Immersion
with Multiple Guides

December 7 (Wednesday)
at 6:30 pm

Class length
90 minutes

Cathedral Room

Full Moon Illumination of Our Greatest Passions
As this year comes to a close, the December full moon accelerates the need to balance our inner truth in becoming our outer reality. The dance of illusion and false beliefs about life is coming to a rapid close. We have consciously and unconsciously created a momentum aligned with our natural potential to live without limitations, embracing love and compassion as our only fundamental truth of creation.
This full moon will be tapping into the creation of harmony within the Gemini logical mind of the physical here and now. In contrast, Sagittarius's spirit mind ignites the quest for meaning and ideas that expand upon the here and now. This moon is centered around inner peace to support a will to bring our eternal nature into this physical world and beyond.
Join us as we step into the illumination of our greatest passions. With this movement comes a release of our deepest fears and limitations to make way for our greatest desires to live and love without limits. This is a time to put into action the power and potential of your spirit as it lifts you into the highest realm of kindness, love, and contentment. During this gathering, we will be setting the stage for all the work you have done this past year to be ignited to catapult your life.
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