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~The Sedonya Team
$22Goddess Yoga :: One pass
$15 - $100Prayerful Body & Movement
$45Bowen Bodywork & Singing Bowls
$15Qi Gong
$120QiGong :: 10 Passes
$33Ancestral Constellations
$33Shamanic Journeys
$24Sedonya Sound Healing Experience
$5Live Stream Pass $5
$10Live Stream Event Pass : $10
$19every 4 weeksEmbodied Practice Live Stream Membership : $19 per month
$152every 12 monthsEmbodied Practice Live Stream Annual Membership $152
$44Goddess yoga :: 2 passes
$66Goddess yoga :: 3 passes
$88Goddess yoga :: 4 passes
$190Goddess Yoga :: 10 Passes
$28Full Moon Journeys
$44Three Trees SoulMonic Sound Healing
$88Three Trees SoulMonic Sound Healing for Two
$22Tai-Chi & Tea
$56Full Moon Journeys :: 2 passes
$84Full Moon Journeys :: 3 passes
$112Full Moon Journeys :: 4 passes
$48New Moon Journeys :: 2 passes
$15Restorative Yoga :: One Pass
$120Restorative Yoga :: 10 Passes
$15Writing Classes w/ Stacey Lane
$90Writing & Being - Taking Back the Gift of Language
$350Subtle Energy Healing Meditation Workshop
$300Acting Course :: Early Bird
$444Acting Course Weekend Workshop
$777The Alchemy Wheel :: Regular price
$15Trauma Conscious Yoga
$120Trauma Conscious Yoga :: 10 Passes
$22Vinyasa Flow :: One Pass
$190Vinyasa Flow :: 10 Passes
$44TIGABG :: New Moon Tribal Healing Resonance
$22Ritual to Rise w/ Sona
$35Crystal Bowl Playshop w/ Leilani
$132Three Trees SoulMonic Sound Healing :: 3 passes
$176Three Trees SoulMonic Sound Healing :: 4 passes
$22Illuminate Film Festival :: Kick Off Party
$33Breathwork Ceremony :: One Pass
$66Breathwork Ceremony :: Two Passes
$10 - $80Shivananda Donation Pass