Sedonya Conscious Living Center

Shamanic Journeying to Your Power Animal
with Gillian Mother Tree

November 26 (Saturday)
at 3:00 pm

Class length
90 minutes

Guan Yin Room

Shamanic Journeying to Your Power Animal
Saturdays, 3:30pm to 5:30pm  (3pm - 4:30pm* starting July 2nd)
Cost : $33.00 
*Please note that the class could end at 5pm depending on the class size

Everyone possesses in our multidimensional being one or more power animals that hold precious wisdom keys to our soul's journey, medicine, and healing.  Shamanic journeying to the beat of an animal drum is an age-old and nearly universal technique for opening portals to these powerful and surprising treasures within.
  • Learn the fundamentals of shamanic journeying
  • Have a direct and personal encounter with your main power animal
  • Receive healing and teachings from your new and powerful ally
  • Be surprised!
Please wear comfortable clothes that you can freely move in and come 10 minutes early to complete your registration.


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