Sedonya Conscious Living Center

Ancestral & Wellness Constellations
with Gillian Mother Tree

December 3 (Saturday)
at 11:00 am

Class length
120 minutes

Guan Yin Room

Ancestral & Wellness Constellations with Gillian Mother Tree.
Saturdays, 1pm to 3pm
11am to 1pm starting on July
Cost : $33.00

Let the power of systemic constellations reveal and bring healing to ancestral traumas and soul entanglements that may be hijacking your genuine happiness, wellness, and relationships.  This unique healing modality frees personal and ancestral soul energies so that you, in this generation, can live to your highest potential and purpose with all the love and life there is to have!

You will gain a window into:
  • Healthy bonding and balancing in relationships;
  • The power of true belonging; 
  • Reconciliation and healing of the victim-perpetrator dynamic;
  • The higher orders of love in families and peoples;
  • Spiritual freedom and the Presence of the Soul
Please wear comfortable clothes that you can freely move in and come 10 minutes early to complete your registration.

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