Sedonya Conscious Living Center

Accelerated Hands on Healing
with Ron Damico

February 14 (Wednesday)
at 6:00 pm

Class length
90 minutes

Sicatuva Room

Come experience your multi-dimensional nature as we move from a life of 3D survival and step into the energies of 5D consciousness. We are in the midst of a powerfully transformational time, and humanity is stepping into our ability to not only embody our spirit essence but live our multi-dimensional nature. This means that we are choosing to shift our consciousness from survival to thriving as an eternal being of divine origins and infinite potential.

During these healing sessions, Ron channels into the room Divine love, truth, and healing energy specifically guided for the group at the time, as well as what is helpful for the global collective of all life. Part of what moves Ron is the knowing that to heal one heals the world, and to heal the world heals the one. Ron will release blocks at the physical, emotional, psychological, and energetic levels for you to receive and process higher frequencies.

These experiential healing sessions will include the following:

  • Guided healing immersions and heart-centered breath work to activate this multiversal way of being

  • Hands-On Healing for everyone - keeping the groups small assures everyone receives all their spirit calls for

  • Whole Being Scans/Readings

  • Open Q&A and Spirit lead insight from Ron and his guides 

  • Other forms of support will include Sound Healing through toning, Alchemy Crystal Bowls, and other forms of sound healing tools.

During this journey, we will move into the embodiment of:

  • Activating the Cosmic Heart

  • Moving into timing-based reality (I am as I am)

  • How it feels to live As the moment

  • Awakening and activating your highest potential to heal the past

  • Healing the mind/body/spirit disconnect

Ron brings to each and every group his 20+ years of experience, personal evolution, immense kindness, unconditional acceptance, and a vast capacity to see higher dimensions and truth. His masterful way of guiding people through anything they are going through will leave you touched by his deep caring, profound depth, and poetic grace.

These 5D Hands-On-Healing will be held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month from 6:00-7:30 PM

                       To read more about Ron Damico and who he is please visit              


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