Sedonya Conscious Living Center

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What: Writing and Being :: Taking Back the Gift of Language
w/ Stacey Lane
When: Weekly 6 week series from Thursdays, July 14th thru August 18th
Tim1pm - 3pm
Cost : $90

This is not only a class about writing, it is a class about people writing.  It is about writing as a tool for intellectual, psychological, and spiritual growth.  It is about our language and our being and their powerful interconnectedness.  This class is about taking back the gift of our language as an instrument of creation. The guided writing explorations begin by asking you to go inside yourself, to start with your heart, to take your stories out from within and look at them and learn from them.  We will also work with the dimension called "Toward Public Writing." This gives your journaling work a new form as to be shared with others. This writing-and-being group travels beside you as we create a published summation of our creations.



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